June 10, 2008

A million reasons why..

My husband called me to make sure I made it to work okay. He said he heard about an accident near the location I travel every morning to get to work and he was worried about me. How did I get so lucky to find a guy like that? Oh wait, it sort of makes up for the disaster in the living room, thats filled with baby clothes, furniture and much more since the nursery was supposed to be done being painted by Sunday and today is Tuesday and he claims for the 3rd day in a row he will get it done tonight...


  1. Ahhh what a sweetie! Especially if he gets his work done tonight:)

  2. Can't wait for Chris to finish up, so I can come check out little man's room! :)

  3. Yes, sometimes we have to be reminded how special they are! (especially when we have tasks we want completed!! ha!)