February 21, 2009

how about you?

My "WTF" moments for the weekend.

~A commercial to a plastic surgeon here in Michigan is offering B1G1 free. Hows that to boost your sales?

~An internet phone company is offering free "mail" to cell phones if you are unreachable on your internet phone. Umm, if you were unreachable on your home home, wouldn't someone just call you on your cell, and whats worse, doesn't cell phones already have voicemail or text services? Why would said company say they offer it free, if you already have it?

~Why does my mom get to go to the beach today and I am stuck in 3 inches of snow? It makes no sense to me.

Do you have any "WTF" moments you are wondering about? I would love to hear them.


  1. I don't have any...but yours made me laugh!

  2. I haven't heard of that "mail" to cell phones thing. It makes no sense to me. And as I sit here listening to the snow storm rage outside, I would love to head to a nice warm beach somewhere.

  3. cuz your mom lives in Florida, sorry baby

  4. Anonymous2/23/2009

    I don't know...when our electric was out here at the house in the most recent winter storm I loved that I was able to still access my email via my blackberry. I think I get that WTF moment....but I'm an email geek anyway.