February 23, 2010

good kids =good days

I know I left you hangin on Sunday, and I have good excuses too. Yesterday was one of those I am so crazy busy but lovin every minute of it days! Lets back up and start with Sunday.

The weather was beautiful.  I woke up on only 3 hours of sleep, because the night before I pretended I was 21 again and closed the bar and then hit up Denny's for an early breakfast late night bar snack. It was a really good friends birthday and we were having so much fun that before we knew it last call was being made.  I almost forgot what that was, LOL..

I'm off track..So I woke up, but I was feeling good.  Got the kids some breakfast and then decides to get everyone dressed instead of laying around all day.  Chris was dropping his truck off and we had to pick him up.  We then decided to head for lunch.  The kids were so well behaved at lunch I was so proud of them.  Came home and laid the little kids down for nap. After nap we ran to the grocery store, grabbed a few things and then headed to a friends house.  My kids played with her kids and we tried to get some work done.  We ordered pizza and had a good ole time.  Came home and little kids went to bed and I follwed soon after.

It was just a fun day.  The kids are what really made it a good day.  They were very well behaved and I didn't have to yell or scold at all Sunday.  I was in such a good mood because of this and the weather made it SO much easier too. 

Monday was a snow day for us.  Having all 3 kids home and cooped up in the house is hard, but we played in our jammies until nap time and then decided to get dressed.  After nap for the little kids Hannah had 4H.  I decided to take the little kids out to eat while Hannah had 4H and then went to the local library where Farmer Jason was having a small concert.  I'm really lucky that Hannah's 4H leader is a great women and she dropped Hannah off at the library after her 4H meeting.  The little kids were dancing and having a good time.  And as a repeat the night before we got home and the little kids went to bed.

So here we are at Tuesday.  It was a grocery shopping day and thats about all that got accomplished today.

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  1. I am LOVING that your blog updates in my sidebar now!
    Yay for Great days!!