February 25, 2010

rollarskating, pajama day, and a...new career?

This week has been pretty busy.  Wednesday night was "Free" skate at a near by rollar rink.  Its free to get in and free to skate, unless you want rollarblades then they are a $1.00.  It was from 6-8pm.  I took the kids and they had so much fun.  Ben was good too.  I brought him some coloring books and stickers to keep him busy and it did...for an hour and a half.  I was so proud of him. Alanna fell once, but thats because a "big" bully kid was skating backwards and didn't see her...He came to apologize later when she stopped howling crying.

Today was pajama day at Alanna's school.  They sent the note home on Tuesday and as soon as she got into the house she laid out her pink monkey jammies.  She reminded me Tuesday night what she was wearing.  Wednesday she reminded me at breakfast, at nap time and then again at bedtime.  Thursday she woke up at 4 am to remind me that it was pajama day at school.  Then at 7 am she was up and in her pink monkey pajamas and her slippers were already in her book bag.  When I woke up at 7:30 she already had her boots on and was waiting by the door. 

I don't think she was excited enough for pajama day at school, what do you think?

I joined a forum.  My first one ever.  I just listed my first thread.  Want to know what it said?  ok.

"I don't have anything ready to go get, but I was thinking about selling korker bows and tutus wholesale.  What would be good starting prices and would anyone be interested?"

So what do you think?  Think I could do it?  Anyone need some korker bows or tutus?  Babyshowers, birthdays, dance, or just for that special little girl in your life.  I'll let you know when it happens.  So keep checking back, mm-kay?

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  1. PJ day is one of my favorite days at school!!!