February 5, 2007

nanny hell

Who knew that an interview could be so hard. I think there is a hidden camera here and any minute the candid camera crew is gonna jump out and yell 'gotch ya'. These people are unbelievable. I know everyone has seen Mrs Doubtfire...kinda like that but in real life. These are real life, I am not kidding about any of this...please read on.

  • The first lady gave the answer, "what ever you want"for everything. Which this is the right answer but give me some of your personality please.....No stories, no personality, nothing but "what ever you want is what I will do"..NEXT
  • The next girl only said "I don't know" to everything which is even worse. We asked questions like "how would you entertain the girls?" "I don't know", "What is the worse emergency situation you have had while babysitting?" "I don't know" At one point Chris asked if she just wanted the job until something better came along and she said, wait for it.....YES!~ OK NEXT
  • The next lady was nice, she had great personality, told stories, was super sweet, and looked professional. Until we asked if she has ever been arrested.....She said yes. She went into this story about her ex husband and the kids and custody and grabbing of the throat...then she says she doesn't even have custody of her own 2 kids..her ex is in jail and his parents have the kids...NEXT.. NOW!
  • Then we had a no show
  • Another no show
  • Then a woman brought her 9 year old daughter with her on the interview. All she had to say was that her husband doesn't really like her to work outside of the home and wanted her home before 4:30 to cook dinner...She even asked Chris if he would be willing to wake up everyday at 4:00 so she could go home...OKAY lady, I can't even wake Chris up to eat dinner with the family and you want him up at 4:00...NEXT
  • Then the 2ND no show called 4 hours after her interview time and said she lost track of time. Her interview was at 1:30, and she called at 4:30, I wanted to ask her if she was smokin crack and she is sober now, but I told her thanks but no thanks.

My god, can I get a decent person? We had such an over whelming response to the ad, and this is what I get. We have 6 interviews Saturday and 5 more on Sunday...Hopefully at least one person will be a match. If not another ad will be ran next week. I am not settling at ALL. Oh did I tell you about the professional nanny that called and wanted $15 an hour, per child....I told her if I was paying her that much I wouldn't be working. Thats more money than I make. If I could be a nanny for $15 an hour per child I would not be working where I do now....give me a break.


  1. So that's why I didn't get that nanny job when I was a teenager. I shouldn't have said, "I don't know" when she asked me how much I loved her kid. Geez. I didn't even know her kid yet. Ha ha

    Seriously, I am sorry about your experience. I used to be a nanny. Actually several times. And I grew up with one. O the stories.

  2. OMG! Those people are nutty! This just means that you've eliminated the bad ones the good ones are still coming your way this weekend.

  3. For real? I would laugh in their face as I was kicking them out the door.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that Nanny McPhee is in the next round of interviews.

  4. I wish I could come take care of your girls... Trav and Alanna would LOVE each other!
    I am so sorry it is such a pain. Hae you tried a nanny service? They usually do the first interview for you adn weed out all the crazies!

  5. Don't give up - you'll find the right one and this will be a distant memory!! :-)