February 11, 2007

YAY for me, we hired Nanny C

Well the search is over and I feel very confident in our decision. Her name is Nanny C for privacy unless she somehow discovers me online then all bets are off. She will start in 2 weeks and that will be the true test of time. The girls took to her right away and she was NORMAL. Normal people do you know what that feels like to interview a normal person. I feel relieved, happy and confident in her taking care of my children. It was sure a long road to come to this pint. Let me tell you about my weekend. I had interviews every hour on the hour for the most part. Saturday times went like this 10:00-5:30 and Sunday started at 10:00-6:00. I had no free time over the weekend except at night.

  • 10:00-Hannah said the woman scared her....Not to be mean but she did look a little weird
  • 11:00-NO SHOW
  • 12:00-NO SHOW
  • 1:00-NO SHOW, at this point I was highly upset. What is with these people that they can't show or at least call me to cancel. So I called everyone else on the list to confirm their appts.
  • 2:00-I really liked this one. She was the 1st normal gal to show up. Except she had a 3 year old and being in my home and Chris sleeping during the day we thought better to go with someone who had no kids.
  • 3:00-NO SHOW
  • 4:00-NO SHOW
  • 4:45-She too was really awesome. She was going to school to be a pediatrician. She is currently getting her pre classes at community. However she just moved out on her own and needed more money than we could afford.
  • 5:30-NO SHOW


  • 10:00-I called and confirmed, and HE was still a NO SHOW
  • 11:00-Called and confirmed, NO SHOW
  • 12:00-Called and cancelled the night before
  • 1:00-Called and confirmed, NO SHOW
  • 2:00-Called the night before and cancelled
  • 3:00-She showed up but she had some medical problems that we thought might be dangerous for her to be alone with the kids...
  • 4:00-Called and cancelled earlier in the morning
  • 5:00-Called the night before because she was offered another job
  • 6:00-HIRED

Don't you think its kinda pathetic that she was the last one. We actually had 3 calls on the position today, but I am swearing off ever interviewing again, so I told them the position was filled when it really wasn't. I told Chris that if the last one didn't work we would flip a coin to see who gets to quit their job....Luckily it didn't come down to that and we are saved, and not poor because both of us get to keep our jobs. The next hardest part is putting our 2 week notice in at the current daycare. This is hard for me because Hannah has been off and on at this daycare since she was 15 months old. Its just lately we feel as if the girls are not be cared for properly. I know its business and these are my kids we are talking about, but I am not a mean person and am just nervous about the whole situation. Thats is for another day though.


  1. OOH, I'm glad that you found one that you liked. It is funny that it was the last one, but I guess God saved the best for last right??

    Sounds like you did nothing but deal with this interview process. I'm sure you are glad that it is over. I would be!

  2. Yay! What a relief that must be!! It was entertaining to hear all the interview stories though! ha!

  3. I'll say a little prayer that she works out!

  4. I am so glad that you finally found the right person...to try to find a sitter without thinking of chemistry is certainly like building a house without architecture; then you have to add or even to remove the design...but the design is the house!

  5. So glad it finally worked out!!