March 7, 2007

weekend wrap up

Warning this is a long drawn out post....you were warned.
52 days until the wedding

Ok, I am here! This past weekend I was so busy I about lost my head. I will spare you the details and skip to the fun stuff, the shower. it turned out so nice. We recieved many great gifts and only have to take 2 doubles back to the store. Chris and I are so lucky to have friends and family the way we do. My maid of honor Sarah and one of my bridesmaids were in charge of the shower and they did such a great job. The food, decorations and entertainment were fantastic. Sunday night I was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch at 8:30. monday I had the day off of work because my mom, step dad and me had to go check out the wedding ceremoney site. We had to decide how we wanted it set up so we know what we are doing when we go there the night before....it was fun. the final stages of planning are coming along great. Moving onto the wedding invitations. We as in my mom and I thought it would "save" money and "time" to do the invites ourselves. We buy the blank invites and print them...how hard is that? Well the wedding invites have a posterboard outside with a thin paper inside and then a ribbon ties on the binder. we also had to print the response cards. So the outer paper was super thick and would jam the printer and ruined several of the invites. I had to take the rest to Kinkos to have them print off the invites. Whiel I was at Kinkos i was reading over the inserts of the invites and realized that all the reception info was cut off. We had used all the inserts so I had to have Kinkos cut to size new paper and then take it back to my moms house and drill with a drill the holes for the ribbon....CRAZEEEEE! Then after all that we still had to print the response cards. Fonally at 10:00 like 9 hoursa later the invites were printed....but not put together or in the envelopes. The invites were supposed to be mailed Monday....So on Tuesday my brother and his girlfriend came over and she helped me out the invites together by lacing the ribbon through the holes tying it in a bow and then stuffing the invites and the response cards ion the envelope. THEN we still had to address, return address and stamp the envelopes. 4 hours later the wedding invites were ready for the mail. Today at 11:17am the invites were placed in the mail bin and were sent out. No backing out now....
i will post pictures of the invites later tonight. Did you check out the pictures of the shower and more? If not go here.....
(I did not read back through if there are any mispelled words, I am sorry, spell check doesn't work on my work computer for some reason...go figure)


  1. Oh man. Makes me so happy we got our invites printed! But normally I'm totally like you and will try to do things myself. Glad you got them done!

    ps... saw you wrote on my blog that you live near Detroit. I'm sure its sooooo cold right now. We are packing everything warm we own!

  2. I think those "home made" invitations are very convenient, you are supposed to have fun doing that job...but most of the time it is so stressfull...I remember for my sister's wedding we had to print more than 200...huh!
    I wish I could help you...tell me if I can!
    On the other way...try to be happy at every step you make in this madness of the wedding...