April 20, 2007

wedding countdown: 8 days

Chris and I went down to the courthouse this morning to apply for the marriage license. At the end they gave us a summary of certain "Michigan marriage laws". Chris thought a few of them were really funny and asked me to share with all of you.
Under R.S. 1846, Chap 83 under SEC.3.
No man shall marry his mother, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter, stepmother, grandfather's wife, son's wife, grandson's wife, wife's mother, wife's grandmother, wife's daughter, wife's granddaughter, nore his sister, brother's daughter, sister's daughter, father's sister, mother's sister, or cousin of the 1st degree or another man.
No woman shall mary her father, grandfather, son, grandson, stepfather, grandmother's husband, daughter's husband, granddaughter's husband, husband's father, husband's grandfather, husband's son, husband's grandson, nor her brother, brother's son, sister's son, father's brother, mother's brother, or cousin of the 1st degree, or another woman.
The next section is Chris' favorite. He was laughing all the way home over 2 words. (idiot, and imbecile) Guess I can't call Chris an idiot anymore..
No insane person, idiot, or person who had been afflicted with syphilis or gonorrhea and has nott been cured of the same, shall be capable of contracting marriage. (This section further restricts thre list of those who may intermarry by prohibiting the marriage of feeble-minded, imbeciles, or insane persons who have been confirmed as such in any public institution, without a certificate from two physicans that there is no possibility of transmitting their defects to their offspring.)

Its crazy to think that States actually have to have these listed as laws and there may be people out there who would want to marry their mother or father or anyone else in their family. Well Chris and I got a laugh out if it..hope you did too. Happy Friday.


  1. Haaa!!!! Good one!

  2. These are hilarious! I guess they really do have to spell these kinds of things out....you just never know!