May 17, 2007

Reason 8,792

that I love my new husband.

I found out what my mothers day gift was supposed to be. Last Saturday we were at the mall and we walked past a sprint store and I randomly said that I wanted a pink video phone. Well he was trying to get me one...Who knew that pink and video did not go together because sprint does not offer it. They got pink, they got video, but they do not have a pink video phone.
He checked sprint, online, even ebay and nothing. So he told me this morning that I could get a new phone whether it be pink or video is up to me. I want a video phone. The color is no big deal, but the functions are what interests me. So I get to look for a phone that I want and Chris will buy it for me. Well buy it for me is not entirely correct. Its our money now,but for him to spend it is so much better than me spending it, don't ya think? I went looking online today and the phone that I found is the Phone Fusic by LG its white and it has exchangable face plates. Its $279.99, thats a little much for a mothers day gift or for me to spend on a phone. So that leads me to ask...What type of phone do you have and why did you choose it? And do you know a place to awesome phones for cheap?


  1. Wow! What a great gift AND you know he listens when you casually mention you want something...this could come in handy! LOL!

    I'm not crazy about my phone...so I have no recommendations! :-(

  2. yes tasha!!! chinatown in NYC! :)