June 12, 2007

Tales of a hot wife

About 2 weeks ago Chris and I were in the living room and he said to me that it was kinda hot in the house. I had the oven on, so I told him that it may be that. About an hour later Chris was sitting on the couch dripping sweat. In his brilliance Chris stated that he didn't think it was the oven. He went to one of the air vents and nothing was coming out...Not cold air, not hot air, just nothing.

He went and checked the air conditioner and the fan was running, yet no air was pumping out. Chris being the not so Mr Handy man called a friend, who is a handyman, to come look at it. After a while of them looking at the air unit, they decided they could fix it...A week and half later I had the air conditioning people come look at it.

Who knew that just coming to look at an air conditioner was so expensive. It ranged from $120 an hour to $60 just to run a diagnostic on the unit. Mr professional called me at work with the diagnosis. Ready? He said the unit has been tilted and all the oil leaked off the compressor causing it to rub together with no lube (stop it) and that to have a new compressor and a re level would cost $1700, but he doesn't recommend that, because the unit is already 7 years old. Oh no, he says that he can't guarantee that the re leveling and the new compressor won't cause other things to malfunction.. What Mr professional recommends is a new unit at $3900, but don't worry we finance he says. I call Chris and he says that he grew up without air...Not a funny joke. He says that now that he knows what is wrong with the unit he and his Mr handy man friend can fix it.

Well last week when I was calling around for a professional to come look at the unit, Chris made me promise that before spending a lot of money to get a list of whats wrong and before he goes to work the next night he will have the unit fixed. Now I don't know if I have ever mentioned before that Chris is not the most handy man of them all, he can hammer a nail and thats about it....(shh, don't tell him I told you that). The deal was it would be fixed with in a few days or we would somehow come up with the money for a new air unit. So this morning I remind him of our deal. He goes to the local air conditioning store, well not so local its about 35 minutes away and he buys the parts..What happens when he gets home..wrong model #. When he went back, the store was closed. I come home and remind him of our deal again and he swears he will have it fixed...I will keep you updated. Hey, you never know this could be the shortest marriage you ever seen. Just kidding, chill out, I still love my husband, he may just have to sleep on the couch for a couple of nights because its to hot to have 2 bodies in the same bed...LOL!

Just to get a feeling of what we are going through. Check out our 10 day forecast. Keep in mind that Michigan is the great lake state and all that water makes the humidity HORRIBLE!


  1. I know a air condition repair man and they ALWAYS say you need a new unit. I would surely get another opinion or something. They are just like mechanics.....rip off artists :)

    Good Luck!

  2. I am stressing for you! That is Alot of money! CAn't wait to see how long it takes Chris to get on this task...hee-hee!

  3. Well written article.