January 3, 2008

a bunch of random put together and called a post.

I know that I've been pretty sporadic with posting but at least I have a valid excuse. At least I think its a valid excuse...I'm tired. I know I complain alot about it...but man I so forgot how tired pregnancy can make you...I am so happy I am prego, but hopefully when I hit 12 weeks, I will become full of energy again...

Anyways on to better posting. I am very excited about the holidays being over, anyone else? We took the Christmas tree down last weekend, and I finally feel like I have my house back. I love having the tree up but we put the tree up after Thanksgiving and take it down after new years...thats a long time to have the house disorganized for one item...it drives me crazy

This Saturday Hannah is having 2 of her baby teeth pulled. She has some over crowding going on and the dentist feels its a good thing to try and help her out...I feel bad for her but the dentist says it shouldn't be too bad for her.

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  1. Ewww... the dentist. At 34, I still have a healthy fear of the dentist!

    And yep, I just took down the last bit of my Christmas stuff and it felt GREAT!