March 2, 2007

random things

About a month ago I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. Here is a link to the story. It was about live blogging. Remember the post I did on New Years? Notice the picture of Hannah sleeping on the side. Pretty cool huh? Can you handle that I am so famous? (kidding)

Check out this really cute bag I just bought. I was reading faded youth about Brittney Spears shopping there and checked out the site and found the bag for $13.00... I'm a sucker for bags.

So what do you think? Lindsay spiced up the page just a bit, and I, yes me added a new picture. Do you like the small changes? I do.

My wedding shower is on Sunday....I am so excited.

Guess who got a speeding ticket about a week ago...No NOT me, guess again.....YUP Chris. Isn't that great? As if my ticket wasn't enough he had to go and get one too.


  1. LOVE the bag!! I'm a sucker for them too. And one can NEVER have enough either, just keep telling Chris that! You look fantastic in that black shirt. I have a couple shirts that I wear often because they make me look skinnier, and if I know my picture is going to be taken, I'll specifically wear it. Now the secret's out. Your new pic on the side bar looks great! Have fun at your shower and I can't wait to hear all the stories and about all the cool presents!

  2. Congratulations again on the newspaper article, and hope you had a blast at your wedding shower!

  3. wow! You are famous. You got a photo and they mentioned you in the article. Blogging in real time. Hmmmm. Maybe I should try that sometime.

    Cute bag!

  4. so many resemblances between me and you...I just love bags too or as you say I am a sucker for them...sounds very (...)
    I love your new pic...you look stunning!