March 13, 2007

wedding countdown: 45 days

Lately I have been wondering what happened. It seems all of a sudden I have nothing to say. I think about a post and then I forget and when I actually sit down to write, I am blank. The wedding has ben my life lately. Trying to tie up loose ends and figure who needs to be paid next and what needs to be done the next weekend. The list of buys is down to only a few items.
1. Chris' ring
2. Chris' groomsmen gifts
(seeing a trend here? )
3. My maids gift
4. Candy for the wedding favors
5. My veil, I know I already got one, but I decided I don;t really like it. the netting is kinda thick and it doesn't sit on my head like I want it to. I have left a message for the store to see if I can return it and so far I have not heard form them. I'm crossing my fingers.
So thats about it..I know we are doing pretty good huh? if chris doesn't get a move on for his groomsmen gifts they will not be getting one. he wanted to get these really neat pocket watches on ebay, but we only have 7 weeks and with shipping anf handleing, I'm not so sure we will get them in time. Chris likes to procrastinate...just a little.

This may be a boring post but it gives an update. It seems the bloggong world has been pretty busy lately. I know I haven't even been by to visit, for that I am sorry. I will make up for it soon...I promise.


  1. sounds like you are doing pretty good for a month and half to go. I think I had much more on my list when it was getting down to the wire!

  2. that's a short list! I have faith you can knock it out!!